Our Expert’s 9 Picks for a Great Pre- or Post-Round Meal

We’re all up for a great meal on a golf trip, so we called upon our resident foodie, Charlie Rymer, to compile his list of favorite dining establishments in the Myrtle Beach area. Places he thinks you and your group will thoroughly enjoy from start to finish (and fill your bellies with great satisfaction in the process!).

By Charlie Rymer

As you might imagine, I know a good spot or two here in “The Golf Capital of the World.” Here are some random ramblings, and my best suggestions of where to fill ‘er up in Myrtle Beach.


Johnny D’s (3 locations in the Myrtle Beach area)

If you don’t like the Red Velvet Pancakes, then something is wrong with you. They’re made from scratch, and I’ve actually been invited to go in the kitchen and help make up a batch! (I’m pretty sure I washed my hands before I mixed ‘em up. And I’m very sure I licked my fingers from the bowl.)

Blueberry’s Grill (2 locations)

If you try the Vegetarian Village Burrito, let me know how that goes. I’m sticking with the Stone Barn Pork Belly Benedict.

10/Fold Biscuits, Myrtle Beach

10/Fold was recently named by Yelp as the best brunch spot in South Carolina (Do you hear that Charleston? We’re coming for you!). I’m a biscuit snob, and 10/Fold passes the eye test. And taste test. You can get a biscuit with pulled pork and cole slaw.  Or straight up with sausage and gravy. Just plan for a nap afterwards.


Old South BBQ, Cherry Grove

I was recently driving around by myself hungry, which happens a lot, and I saw this super-cool, retro, South Carolina-style BBQ Joint. I said to myself, “Self, we’ve gotta check this place out.” I was going to try the BBQ but my eye was drawn to the South Carolina-style hamburger. If you didn’t grow up in South Carolina, you have no idea what that is. Chili, slaw, onions, and mustard. Yep. That’s it. You’ve gotta try it. Their BBQ looks awesome, but I’ll never know.

Bummz Beach Café, Myrtle Beach

When you go to the beach, GO TO THE BEACH. This is classic beachfront, old-school Myrtle Beach eatin’ and drinkin’. Great view. Lots of music. Friendly staff. They have anything you want to drink including groovy cocktails. On the food side, I’ve heard they have salad. Give the Grouper Fingers a try for an appetizer (and f you see a grouper swimming around with fingers on just one hand, it’s part of our pilot “catch and release grouper finger harvest program” we have in South Carolina. They’re reportedly gonna try the same thing with chicken starting in 2024.).

Buzz’s Roost, Georgetown

If you’re playing golf on the South Strand, head farther south after your round. Front Street in historic Georgetown is quite the place. My family often takes a one-hour boat trip down the Waccamaw River from our home in Murrells Inlet for lunch at Buzz’s Roost. It’s dog-friendly and our Golden Retrievers love it. The view is awesome and so is the food. Great place for a good old-fashioned Fried Shrimp Basket. And I seem to vaguely remember that they have cold beer…


Murrells Inlet MarshWalk

My hangout places are in Murrells Inlet, “The Seafood Capital of South Carolina.” If you ever see a missing persons report on me, tell the authorities to check the MarshWalk first. They’ve got eight restaurants connected by a walk. Great views. Great smells. Live music. AMAZING food. It’s likely I’m in Dead Dog Saloon eating Buffalo Shrimp, or The Claw House destroying a plate of Fried Clams. Or I might be out back listening to live music with something cold in my hand. Ain’t no double bogeys at the MarshWalk.

New York Prime, Myrtle Beach

I get it. Seafood isn’t everybody’s thing. Or you may get your fill after a few days. Well, in Myrtle Beach we’ve got you covered. New York Prime can go toe-to-toe with the finest steakhouses in the world. Rumor has it that a group of gentlemen who wear green jackets hired the sommelier to work for them at a certain golf club in Augusta, Georgia. Yep. This place is that good. Try the Bone-In Ribeye. Financing available.

The Parson’s Table, Little River

Talk about a fine dining experience! This building was originally the Little River Methodist Church and was built in 1885. The flooring came from a farmhouse built in 1850. Award-winning Executive Chef/Owner Ed Murray Jr. knocks it out of the park with the menus. They have a little bit of everything, and it’s all AMAZING. Get a reservation on Open Table. And leave your Uncle Drunkie who talks loud and wears the Aloha shirt back at the beach rental for this night.