Myrtle Beach Goes Green
Myrtle Beach Goes Green

Myrtle Beach Goes Green – Golf Courses Overseeded Wall-to-Wall

Overseeding a golf course consists of spreading grass seed on top of the existing grass to help encourage new growth or to exchange seasonal turfs, replacing one grass type with another.

Overseeding is commonly done by golf courses featuring Bermudagrass, which will normally go dormant during the winter months. During the fall, Bermudagrass on a golf course in Myrtle Beach will typically be overseeded with ryegrass. Then, as the Bermudagrass is going dormant for the winter, the ryegrass grows in, keeping things lush and green, wall-to-wall.


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Play Green and Save Green

Save $5 per round when you book two or more of 17 courses that will be overseeded wall-to-wall. Lush green grass awaits you this spring on the teeboxes, fairways, rough and greens. Go green today!

Courses in Myrtle Beach That are Rolling Out the Green Carpet This Spring