15 Things You’ll Never Hear on a Myrtle Beach Golf Trip

January 27, 2015

Alligators are everywhere at WillbrookMyrtle Beach is golf’s most popular destination, attracting millions of players over the years. Based on our very unscientific assessment, here the 15 things you are LEAST likely to hear someone say during or after a Myrtle Beach golf trip.

  1. “I couldn’t find a golf course.”

  2. “Hey, I never saw a seafood buffet.”

  3. “I didn’t have a good time.”

  4. “I’m ready to go home.”

  5. “I wish you had played better.”

  6. “Was there any water at Man O’War?”

  7. “I’m bored.”

  8. “I wish we had gone to Pinehurst.”

  9. “I was hoping for more nightclubs.”

  10. “New York Prime wasn’t the best steak I’ve ever had.”

  11. “I thought Tidewater would be prettier.”

  12. “Did you see a Wings or an Eagles?”

  13. “The cart girls at Barefoot aren’t attractive.”

  14. “The greens at the Dunes Club weren’t that fast.”

  15. “You didn't see an alligator at Willbrook?”

Help us out – what would you NEVER hear on a Myrtle Beach golf vacation?!
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