3 Favorite Holes: International Club

August 4, 2009

7 fairway.jpg

Determining ones favorite holes on a golf course is an inherently subjective task. Some people favor easy holes, other are swayed by aesthetic beauty, and some folks opt for the challenge.

International Club’s head professional, Jamie Roderick, knows every inch of the South Strand layout he oversees and his preference in holes will quickly become obvious. Enjoy an overview of Roderick’s three favorite holes at International Club and let us know what you think.

Roderick’s favorites are:
No. 2, 398-yard, par 4: A dogleg right that plays just 364 from the white tees, the second is a short but potentially dangerous par 4. Water runs along the left side and four bunkers loom on the right. Accuracy off the tee is vital and the recommended play is to leave the driver in the bag, but not for Roderick.

“The way my ball flight is, I like to hit a draw,” Roderick said. “I feel more confident with a driver so I tee it up and go straight at the green. You have a little 40 yard shot (left). I would take a driver on that hole before any. Usually people would say you are crazy for doing that because it’s not a driver hole.”

Are you taking the driver or playing conservatively off the tee?

No. 7, 410-yard, par 4: The toughest hole on the front nine is also Roderick’s favorite. A fairway bunker and woods on the right must be avoided and water lurks on the left. The tee shot appears straight-forward but the fairway runs from right to left, sending a lot of shots trickling into the rough.

The rough is a location to be avoided on No. 7, because the green is slightly elevated and runs from front to back.

“I love the seventh hole,” Roderick said. “I like it for the challenging second shot. You can have anywhere from 150 to 190 yards coming in on that hole and the green is surrounded by bunkers.”

No. 15, 436-yard, par 4: The longest par 4 on the course, No. 15 features an elevated tee box and a narrow fairway. Water is a factor on the left and the right and average players will have an approach that ranges from 170 to 215 yards, a challenging shot for most of us.

“It’s the toughest hole on the course, but the more challenge the better, I feel,” Roderick said.

Roderick appreciates a stiff test, but what are your favorite holes on the Murrells Inlet course?