5 of David’s Favorite Holes in Myrtle Beach Golf

By David Williams

TPC Myrtle Beach No. 7

Before I dive into this, I’ve been super busy the past few weeks. I was supposed to write this article last week, but was out on location the whole week filming a new series with Charlie (more to come on that later).

Of course, this week rolled around and I still had no idea what to write about. So today, I’m going to tell you five of my favorite holes in all of Myrtle Beach golf and why, because I’m out of ideas and on a time crunch. And our editor-in-chief is SUPER strict when it comes to deadlines.

#7 at TPC Myrtle Beach. This one might be shocking to some of you, and when I explain why it made this list you might be more shocked: I have never played this hole well. Ever. However, this is one of the best holes to photograph early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

#18 at Caledonia. This pick is completely chalk, but there is not a better feeling in the world than coming up that hole with people on the porch and hitting a good shot in there. In 2021 I was playing with my father and hit this cutty 8-iron to a back right flag in front of 20 or so people. It was electric.

#13 at Prestwick. No. 9 at Prestwick gets a lot of shine, and deservedly so, but 13 is so good. This peninsula green has some of the most undulation on the entire golf course. If the greens are fast you might see someone putt it off the front edge of the green.

#13 at Pawleys Plantation. This is a controversial choice to many, but I’ll explain why it’s one of mine. I grew up vacationing in Pawleys Island when we lived in St. Louis, and even after we moved to Atlanta. We would always play one round of golf and it was always at Pawleys Plantation. As a young kid I always looked forward to seeing that island green with my dad. I would even swap out my golf ball for an old one, just in case I sent it sailing into the marsh.

#15 at Legends-Heathland. The Heathland Course at Legends Is brilliant from start to finish. Tom Doak’s design philosophy really shows on the short par-4 15th. It only plays 346 yards from the very back tee box. I’m not a bomber of the golf ball, so this hole fits right into my play book. I also hit to 1 inch the only time I ever played it … so that helps.

These are five of my favorite holes in Myrtle Beach (click an icon below to check them out). There are about 100 more holes I could put on this list. What five holes are you putting near the top of yours?