5 Things You Need To Know About Tradition

March 17, 2010

Five things golfers should know about Tradition Club, including how the greens averaging about 8,500-square feet per hole rank for Myrtle BeachTradition Club is Ron Garl’s only Myrtle Beach golf design, a 4.5-star course that leaves players smiling. What do you need to know about Tradition prior to your first swing?

Here are five things that will help you arrive at the course prepared to play well:

1. Green Room – Players don’t have to have to be Phil Mickelson with a wedge to hit a green at Tradition.  Getting it close might be a different story. The course’s greens, which average about 8,500-square feet per hole, are among the area’s largest, so a precision iron game is rewarded.
2. Two to Win – Because of the size of the Tradition’s greens, distance control is the key to putting well. Elephants aren’t buried under the greens, most which feature subtle break, and good lag putters should be able to consistently two putt.

3. You Won’t Drown – Water isn’t an overwhelming concern for players. Water is visible on nine holes but on numbers 3, 5 and 16, it will only come into play on the worst of shots. That being said, island greens at No. 7 and No. 15 provide two of Tradition’s take-home memories.

4. You have latitude off the tee but …  – The fairways at Tradition are generous, but trees typically await just beyond the short grass. You will have the opportunity to rip the driver, with some margin for error, but if you are to wild, the trees will penalize you.

5. Tradition earned its name – Tradition is a throw-back. The challenges are in front players, and it’s not a tricked up course, which adds to its appeal. The course provides  an enjoyable round, thanks partly to the work of Garl, who took what the land provided him and maximized it.