A Day with DJ: “I think everyone was a little nervous!”

December 1, 2015

Back to Dustin Johnson Takes Myrtle Beach - Golf Sweepstakes Finale 2015Whitaker won a 3-round trip that included playing with Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday spokesman Dustin Johnson. 

Here is what the Powder Springs, Ga., resident had to say about the experience. 

Why did you enter the contest?
You can’t win if you don’t enter. There is nothing I like to do more than golf trips. I saw (the contest), entered it and here we are.

What was it like to play with Dustin? 
It was great. Just to see him hit the ball is amazing. It’s a different game. We had a great time and loved the course. I think everyone was a little nervous, but we held it together pretty well. Just watching him hit the ball (was the highlight). It goes forever 

How did you select the three guys to accompany you?
Fortunately, my first 3 choices were all able to make it. Bill Burns, Robert Dailey, Michael Crawford are guys I’ve played golf with and have been good friends with for a long time. Two of them I play golf with all the time. The fourth, Bill, lives down in Florida now, but he did live in Atlanta and we played together all the time. 

How much do you play?
A couple times a weekend. I probably average 75-80 rounds per year. 

Have you been to the area before?
This was my first golf trip here. Robert has come 14 times for the World Am. He has had a lot of good things to say about that, so we are going to try and get here for that. 

What were your impressions of Myrtle Beach?
We had a great time. We played 3 good rounds of golf and had good dinners. We really enjoyed it and look forward to coming back. 


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