Behind the Scenes: Meet Aaron Thomas of Myrtle Beach Golf Central

September 26, 2016

Aaron Thomas of Myrtle Beach Golf CentralNearly 20 years later, Thomas’ passion for the game burns as bright as ever, and he has made a career out of the game he loves. No, he’s not playing on tour – when your best round ever is only 74, it guarantees that a “real” job awaits – but he might be doing the next best thing.

The sales manager for Myrtle Beach Golf Central, Thomas is one of the Grand Strand’s best and most popular package providers. An easy going demeanor and comprehensive knowledge of the local Myrtle Beach golf scene, on and off the course, have made him part packager and part invaluable resource to many of the people who book Myrtle Beach golf trips with him.

With that in mind, we were able to conduct a quick Q&A with Thomas in-between phone calls helping golfers…

What is your handicap?

I play to a 10

What do you most enjoy about being a Myrtle Beach golf package provider?

I enjoy talking golf with everybody. I’ve always been a big fan of the sport and talking golf with so many different group leaders (is something I enjoy. It’s neat to see so many different people come into town.

What is the largest group you book? 

Right now I’ve got two groups of about 80. One of the group leaders is from the Carolinas but his players are from all over, including as far West as Colorado. They have their own website set up and they get together every year and have a good time. The other is from Atlanta and they are a group of current and retired military.

What group has Myrtle Beach Golf Central booked the longest?

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I want to say 17 years is our longest group, and they stay for three weeks (total). They take a one week trip in the spring and two weeks in the fall. They are from Canada and always invite me out to play golf with them. They are good guys.

What is your favorite Myrtle Beach golf course? 

Dunes Club. I love the history of the course. It’s one of those old school traditional layouts and you can’t beat some of the views.

If you had to recommend a seafood restaurant and steakhouse to a group, in which direction would you steer them?

Sea Captain’s House (for seafood). It was probably the first place I recommended when I got here, and I’ve never had anyone complain to me about it. Everyone raves about it and you can’t beat the views.

Chuck’s on Restaurant Row (for steak). I’ve been there many times. It’s a steakhouse through and through and I really like going there.

Where would you recommend a group go to happy hour?

For good food and good drinks, I recommend Bumstead’s Pub in downtown Myrtle Beach. Up North, Bully’s is always good.

If someone calls Myrtle Beach Golf Central and books a package through you, what can they expect?

I’m an honest perseon. I’m a salesperson but I’ll let you know what i think because if you get down here and don’t (enjoy your experience) it comes back on me.

I’m a pretty simple person. Give me some nice weather, golf and a cold beer, and that’s the ultimate day off for me.


Contact Aaron at Myrtle Beach Golf Central to learn how they can help make your Myrtle Beach golf vacation perfect!  | 888 542-9991