The Best of Myrtle Beach Golf on TikTok for Spring 2022

Interest in Myrtle Beach golf on TikTok continues to grow at a rapid pace, as the page is now approaching the 15,000-follower milestone – making it our fastest-growing social media platform. We’ve had numerous videos eclipse the 12,000-view mark this spring, including a whopping 2 million-plus from one video featuring John Daly at Monday After the Masters!

Check out a sampling of our most popular TikTok videos from Spring 2022, and be sure to visit our page frequently to view and engage with our content!

@playgolfmyrtlebeach6 courses that make you want to play golf in Myrtle Beach♬ original sound – playgolfmyrtlebeach

@playgolfmyrtlebeach #answer to @spidermark790 it’s second most. Can we get more this time?? #MyrtleBeachGolf #golf #golftok #golfcourse ♬ original sound – playgolfmyrtlebeach

@playgolfmyrtlebeach What is your favorite 19th hole in golf? We stopped by a popular one yesterday. 🍻#MyrtleBeachGolf #golf #golftok #golfcourse ♬ original sound – playgolfmyrtlebeach