Big Break Episode 2 Recap: Can Anthony Back His Bravado with Strong Play?

October 14, 2014

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(Continued) Based on his performance in the immunity challenges to date, he may have the opportunity to eliminate someone sooner rather than later, though it may not be Carolin.

The eight players facing elimination head to the practice area in hopes of sharpening their game.

The second round of the challenge moved to the 17th hole on Fazio Course, giving another four players a chance to earn immunity with a chipping and putting challenge.

The four players closest to the hole advance. The player furthest from the hole will be sent straight to the, gulp, elimination challenge.

Players had to choose between a chip from a couple yards off the front of the green or and a treacherous downhill putt. Each player got one shot.

Everyone opted to chip and Jimmy, Katy H., Christian and Emily, who hit to 3 inches earned immunity.

Krista was furthest from the hole at 5’6” guaranteeing her place in the elimination challenge. She was then forced to choose who she wanted to face in the elimination challenge – Katie D, Christian or Anthony.

The show moved to the third and fourth holes on the Fazio Course for the elimination challenge. It was a stroke play challenge with the player with highest stroke total dismissed from the show.

So who was Krista going to choose?

Of course she chose Anthony, who told her on the range, “Don’t pick me, I’m going to beat you.”

It’s a producer’s dream. Man vs. Woman. Blonde vs. Bravado.  Who will emerge?

Anthony’s fellow contestants aren’t fond of his hubris, but this is when we see if he can walk the walk.

Starting on the par 3 third hole, Anthony teed off first – “They don’t want to see me win. They all want to see the cute little girl win,” he says.

(As an aside, I’m not sure if a 19-year-old should be calling a 23-year-old woman with a college degree a cute little girl, but what do I know?)

Abbott cautioned that the wind had picked up, but Anthony stuck one to 8 feet in the Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday elimination challenge. Great shot.

Krista struggled to respond, hitting the ball just over the green. Advantage Anthony.

The advantage was magnified when Krista raced her putt by the hole and was still out. Her par putt looked at the hole before lipping out. Bogey.

“Her putter is as cold as the Baltic winter,” the witty Abbott said of the Latvian.

Anthony drained his birdie, took a two-shot lead, and earned the respect of his fellow competitors.

Only Jean Van de Velde (or Phil Mickelson at Winged Foot) could cough up that lead, right?

With a two-stroke cushion, Anthony played conservative but sliced his tee shot. “Did the ball hit the cart path?” asked Abbott

Then a commercial.


Upon the return, Anthony’s ball is shown bouncing on the cart path but it hit a fence and rolled back toward the fairway before coming to rest on the path. Very good break.

Krista, playing from 450 yards, had to be thinking eagle and she put her drive in the middle of the fairway.

With rain falling, Anthony tooka drop from the path 241 yards from the hole and hit a low bullet that ran onto the green. Outstanding.

Krista seemingly had to make eagle.

From 213 yards out, she cold topped the ball! Ugh.

Her third shot landed in the back left corner of the green, sending her hurtling toward elimination.

Anthony, ever humble, says his main concern is his hair. He two putts for consecutive birdies.

Arrogant? Yes. But on this day he was more than up for the challenge.

“He did nothing but raise his stock today,” Jimmy said.

It was difficult for the cast to see Krista go, if nothing else because it was the first reminder that the show is real.

Ten more people still have to follow her home.

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