Big Break Myrtle Beach Episode 3 Recap: Flop Wall, Dramatic Elimination Challenge Provide Drama

October 21, 2014

Katie Detlefsen was eliminated in episode 3In the third episode of Big Break Myrtle Beach, the flop wall and elimination challenge drama were the stars of the show.

The flop wall is a Big Break institution and it made its debut in the opening round of Episode 3’s immunity challenge.

Clearing the 10-foot wall didn’t prove to be difficult – only Dave failed to do it – but putting the ball inside the circle surrounding the hole (and earning 10 points) proved much more challenging. Tessa was the only contestant to put the ball close and the 10 points she earned helped her win immunity and a little extra cash.

Carolin, Katy H. and Charlie also earned immunity after the flop wall challenge.

Seven contestants were left in the second stage of the immunity challenge, which required players to hit an 8 iron from any distance beyond the 90 yards.  Christian and Emily, who both hit their shots close, advanced while the remaining competitors hit another shot. After the second shot, the player with the longest combined distance from the hole was dealt a ticket to the elimination challenge.

Toph hit two poor shots, earning his potential date with elimination and he was forced to decide between playing Jimmy, Dave or Katie D. Saying he didn’t want to play his brothers, he choose Katie D.

The elimination challenge took place on the 14th hole of the Fazio Course and there were four different challenge locations. After the first three locations, Toph and Katie were even and the final part of the challenge was to play the hole from tee to green. The only caveat was a player couldn’t earn points with a score worse than par.

Toph hit first, blocked his drive right, and was forced to take a penalty. It was a major advantage for Katie who was in the middle of the fairway. Toph’s trouble only deepened when he hit his third shot into a greenside bunker.

Katie D. hit her approach well past the hole, but she had two putts for par while Toph had to hole out for par from a deep bunker.

Big Break Myrtle BeachToph failed to hole his bunker shot, and Katie D., after leaving her first putt short, had an 8 footer to win, but she pushed it right. Toph was fortunate to survive and they headed back to the 14th tee.

Both players put the ball in the fairway. Toph’s approach stopped just short of the green, and Katie dumped her ball in the left greenside bunker. Toph nearly chipped in for birdie and had a tap-in for par. Katie, the teaching pro from Minnesota, had to get up-and-down just to survive.

After a decent bunker shot, her 7-foot putt grazed the hole before rolling by. Her Big Break Myrtle Beach experience came to a bitter end.

Meanwhile, Toph lived to play another day.