Big Break Myrtle Beach Episode 7 Recap: A Favorite Emerges While One Player’s Swing Disappears

November 18, 2014

Christian Heavens was eliminated from Big Break Myrtle BeachA road trip was taken, a clear favorite emerged, and the cruelty of the game of golf was reaffirmed on the seventh episode of Big Break Myrtle Beach.

First the road trip: after playing at Barefoot Resort & Golf the first half of the season, Big Break moved to Pawleys Plantation, one of the most scenic and challenging courses along the Grand Strand.

The beauty of the property immediately impressed players, but each had a job to do. The seven remaining contestants were given $500 cash and the opportunity to grow their investment during the first immunity challenge.

The challenge was a closest to the pin contest on the par 3 17th hole, which requires a carry over a saltwater marsh. Players, in an order determined by random drawing, got to choose who they would play. Win the head-to-head matchup and you take the money and advance until one person emerges with all the cash.

Christian, holding $1,500, and Charlie, with the remaining $2,000, advanced to the final matchup. Christian hit an excellent shot, finishing 9’11” from the hole. Victory seemed likely.

But Charlie trumped him, stuffing his shot to 6’11” inches, winning the money, immunity and along with it the role of favorite to win the show. He hit three shots in the elimination challenge and none of them were more than 8’10” from the hole, they were the three best shots hit during the challenge.

We are just over halfway through, but Charlie is the runaway leader in the clubhouse for the “Player You Are Most Likely to See on Tour Award.”

The second stage of the immunity challenge was a closest to the line contest on the 11th hole Pawleys. The women had to hit the ball at least 200 yards, the men 230. Everyone got two shots and the two players closest to the line earned immunity.

Anthony and Tessa, who were both within six of the line, led by Anthony, who was 5’8,” advanced. But much as the story was about who won the challenge, it was equally about who didn’t.

Christian, who moments earlier seemed poised to win immunity, hooked both of his shots and failed to get the ball in play, which sent him directly to the elimination challenge.

Big Break Myrtle BeachHe opted to play Jimmy, who for the fifth consecutive episode failed to earn immunity.

The duo played holes 12 and 18, with the highest score going home. They both made par on 12, Christian after leaving a 10-foot birdie putt short of the hole.

They moved to the 18th and Jimmy placed his drive perfectly in the fairway.
Unfortunately, Christian’s pull hook returned and it made for a gruesome finish. He took an unplayable after his drive ended up in a hazard, and his third shot bounced left toward the water, leaving him with, to put it mildly, a compromised stance.

Needing to hole out from well off the green, he attempted to hit the ball between his legs and predictably chunked it. All of this is a long way of saying that Jimmy made a 5-foot par putt with plenty of breathing room to win the challenge.

Christian, who had been playing better and was one of the most likeable contestants on the show, was left to lament a swing that temporarily deserted him at the worst possible time.

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