Big Break Myrtle Beach Episode I Recap: Super Immunity, Big Personalities Come to Forefront

October 7, 2014


Abbott reveals the first challenge victor will win Super Immunity, which allows them a one-time out in an elimination challenge. This is a BIG deal to the players and it will be a three-stage competition.

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In the opening stage, the two players in each group that break their glass the fastest advance, the slowest is eliminated.

  • Group 1: Tessa, Katy H, Carolin. On her first shot, Carolin, an Austrian who has arrived on the show via University of Central Florida, breaks the glass, leaving Tessa and Katy to fire away until Tessa breaks through. Tessa and Carolin exchange high fives and Tessa declares the sound of breaking glass the best she has ever heard.
  • Group 2: Jimmy, Charlie, Christian: A quick profile of Charlie reveals he is nearly as self-assured as Anthony and his confidence is rewarded as he is the first to break the glass, followed quickly by Jimmy, eliminating Christian from the challenge.   
  • Group 3: Emily, Krista, Katie D. This trio struggled before Krista broke the glass literally and figuratively while Emily, the recent University of Arkansas grad bangs the ball off the frame three times before Katie finally breaks through.
  • Group 4: Toph, Dave, Anthony. Dave is the first to break the glass, securing his spot in stage two of the challenge and Toph follows soon after. In a short profile, Anthony declares himself a good guy off the course and arrogant on it. The glass break elimination doesn’t damper his confidence.

The second stage of the super immunity challenge puts players behind a tree on the 17th hole on Barefoot Resort’s Fazio Course, and the eight remaining contestants get two shots. The four who are closest to the hole advance.

Dave, Tessa and Carolin safely punch the ball back into the fairway, leaving Jimmy as the first player to attempt the bold shot through a narrow opening in the trees. Jimmy says his dad, who caddies for him would kick his butt for attempting the shot, but that doesn’t deter him. He pulls the ball but finds a way through the trees into the rough. His ball is fine.

Charlie, Toph, Katie D., who reveals she is a hunter, and Krista chip out. All eight players are in good shape, turning it into a wedge challenge, and everyone excels. The “worst” shot is 11 feet 8 inches from the pin.

Tessa, Charlie, Dave and Carolin, who Logan, Utah’s own Toph has taken to calling “Russia,” are all within 5-feet-5 and all advance. The takeaway? This group is good with a wedge.

The third and final stage of the Super Immunity Challenge is on the sixth and seventh holes of the Fazio Course. Since Tessa was closest to the hole (13 inches) in round two, she gets to choose her opponent in a one-hole match. The other two will face off and the winners advance to the seventh hole where someone will walk away with super immunity.

Tessa chooses Carolin, leaving Charlie versus Dave in the other semifinal.

The sixth hole at Barefoot is a beautiful, downhill par 3 over water, and Tessa teed off first and left herself a 20-footer for birdie. Carolin left it in the bunker. Advantage: Tessa. Carolin blasts out of the bunker to 8-10 feet (Toph encourages her with, “Good shot Russia!”). Tessa leave her birdie putt short but taps in for par, leaving Carolin with a testy par putt, and she misses it right. Tessa advances to the finals.

Dave and Charlie both hit the green but there is a decided advantage for Charlie, who is within 12 feet. Dave had a long putt and left it well short. Charlie renders his par putt moot by rolling in a birdie.

Charlie and Tessa are left to compete for Super Immunity and the right to back out of an elimination challenge at some point during the show.

The seventh hole on the Fazio Course is a par 5 that is plays 513 yards for Charlie, 452 for Tessa.  Charlie bombs his drive, with the benefit of the cart path, more than 300 yards, while Tessa is in the short rough on the right. Tessa, anticipating Charlie reaching the green in two and likely making another birdie, pulls her second into a greenside bunker.

Charlie misses the green to the right but still holds the edge. Tessa isn’t close out of the sand, and Charlie chipped up to 3 feet. Tessa’s birdie putt didn’t scare the hole and Charlie rolled in his second consecutive birdie to win the first challenge of Big Break Myrtle Beach.

Charlie has the opportunity to opt out of one elimination challenge at some point during the show, a huge advantage.

Episode 1 is in the books and if it’s any indication, big personalities and great golf await this season on Big Break Myrtle Beach.