Blackmoor’s 3 Best Holes

November 19, 2009

18 fairway2.jpgGolf legend Gary Player typically designs his courses with playability for the average golfer in mind, and he succeeded in a big way at Blackmoor Golf Club.

Whether you are a scratch golfer or a 25-handicap, the layout has many memorable holes, but with the help of the course’s esteemed head pro, Matt Daly, we’ve identified the three best. Without further ado, here are three holes you will be telling your friends about:

No. 5, 376-yard, par 4: The first of Blackmoor’s doglegs, No. 5 is emblematic of everything the course has to offer. It challenges players, dares them to try and cut off the corner, and rewards intelligent play. One good piece of advice: don’t try and cut the dogleg. The landing area is narrow and a clear path to the green is difficult to find. Play to the elbow of the dogleg and be happy with par.

The long, narrow green is open in the front, allowing players the opportunity to bump and run the ball when the pin is up front.

“You’ve got hit a good tee shot,” Daly said. “It’s a fun second shot. You have to hit four really good shots to make par.”

No. 8, 371-yard, par 4: Blackmoor’s signature hole, the eighth is one of the most unique Myrtle Beach golf holes. The scorecard says it’s a 371-yard dogleg right, but Player left a chute straight through the woods that shortens the hole by 100 yards. The alley is approximately 30 yards wide with woods on the left and a hazard on the right.

But you don’t have to carry the ball 270 yards for the gamble to be a success. Normal rough is the only penalty for coming up short, assuming you hit it straight. Blackmoor rewards intelligent play, but you don’t come to Myrtle Beach to layup all the time, do you, Chip Beck? Take out the driver and give it a rip.

“If I’m giving someone a scouting report on the course, number eight is one hole I think the risk equals the reward,” Daly said

No. 18, 509-yard, par 5: The closing hole is a memorable one. Long hitters will have the opportunity to go for the green in two, but it’s a classic risk-reward decision. The fairway narrows considerably near the green and a watery grave awaits shots that drift to the right.

Even for players going for the green in regulation, the third shot can be daunting. The 18th has decided more than one bet, ahem, match during its time.

The closing hole provides a memorable to end to a very satisfying round of golf.