Bogies 2 Birdies Golf Reviews Tidewater Golf Club

In a recent visit to the Grand Strand, Bogies 2 Birdies Golf got to experience the Ken Tomlinson-designed Tidewater Golf Club in North Myrtle Beach as part of a playing review. Check out the aerial footage from their visit that day, and their thoughts on what they liked about the course!



What’s happening, golf world? Welcome back to the Bogies 2 Birdies golf blog!

I’ve got a cool one here. First off, big thank you to Play Golf Myrtle Beach for having me down in Myrtle Beach. I got to play two courses and I’m going to showcase one of them today, a Ken Tomlinson course … we’re going to Tidewater Golf Club in North Myrtle Beach. Let’s just get to it!

Alright. Jumping into the footage, the first thing you probably saw in the intro was that pretty large clubhouse and what a really great view looking out into the saltwater marshes. Now, Tidewater Golf Club, it is really nestled in between the Intracoastal Waterway and the saltwater marshes. Really cool course and it is, I think, Ken Tomlinson’s only design. And I think it was built in 1990, really solid build. The green complexities there are great. Now you’ve seen some of these other courses that I’ve played. And most of the greens roll pretty flat. This one no, there are some really, really wild greens and really well done, to be frank.

So the course rating of 74.3 and a slope of 144 from the back tees, it’s definitely a challenging track. It’s 7,044 yards from the back tees. This day I played with a friend that I met down there, so we played from the whites and those measure 6,323. So not incredibly long, but one of the things that makes this course even harder is the wind. It was pretty impressive how much the wind hurt you on a lot of the holes.

One of the other things, I was asked to play here by Play Golf Myrtle Beach and they did set it up for me, which was really nice of them. I really liked this course. I’ve seen mixed reviews on this course and I really don’t know why. I don’t know where it’s come from. They did kind of a renovation project on it (a few years back), I think. And I think it’s in pretty good shape, and price-wise and stuff going to be up there. I think the going rate at that time was somewhere between $100 and $130. So it’s a pricier course and I don’t know if that affects your reviews, but overall I had a really good experience and a great start to my first time golfing in the Myrtle Beach area.

Thanks for sticking around. Again, check out and some of the courses down there. I mean, that’s the Golf Capital of the World and you really can’t go wrong! Let me know if you’ve played Tidewater, if you plan to get out there. I think it’s a good track. It’s in good shape and yeah, enjoy. All right. Stay mediocre. We’ll see you on the next one, which will also be another Myrtle Beach.

Which one? You’ll find out!