Caddy Chronicles: The Nomadic Life of Looper Includes a Pair Myrtle Beach Gems Before Duty Calls

June 5, 2014

The rest of the week was spent doing pretty much the same thing, but I did manage to organize some golf on a couple of cracking courses. The first was True Blue and this Mike Strantz designed course came with high expectations.

I was not disappointed. What a beautiful course. I played with the assistant pro from Caledonia (True Blue's sister course) and one of the local members. The three of us had as great a day of golf as one could hope to have.

After walking off the 18th green at True Blue if someone had said to me that the course I was going to play the next day was going to be even better then the one I had just played I would have told them they were crazy. But the Fazio Course at Barefoot was something special. Of course, these two fine courses have a direct connection being that Mike Strantz actually worked for Tom Fazio and obviously learned his craft well off the old master.

If you had any doubts of this connection, a quick look at the bunkering on both these courses would surely convince you. Nothing less than spectacular. Considering both these courses were built out of swamp land, it's most impressive that there are places, especially on the Fazio course, where you could easily imagine you were somewhere in Scotland. Beautiful bunkers framed by golden tuffs of grass and rolling greens tucked into the sides of little hills.

I played with three of the members and we really enjoyed the round. And having a beer at the burger bar just down the hill from the clubhouse was the perfect way to end the day. The casual atmosphere at this little establishment seemed in stark contrast to the elite course I had just played, but it didn't take but cursory look around to see that everybody was very much enjoying themselves.

And why not?

What more does a golfer need beyond a first class golf course followed by a simple place to hash over the round with your fellow players while enjoying a couple of beers? It can be honestly said that the Fazio course at Barefoot ticks both these boxes.

I was loving my stay in Myrtle Beach but it seems no matter what, a tour caddie's life is one of movement. I spend my off weeks in Sheffield England at the golf academy of legendary teaching pro Pete Cowen. Mike Walker who runs the academy and coaches both Lee Westwood and Matt Fitzpatrick called me saying it was time to get back. There were things needing doing and I always like to be around to sit in on Matt’s lessons. For a man like myself who has spent his whole life on the road, the academy is the closest I have to a home and it was time for me to get there.

As my plane lifted off, my golfer's heart ached a little while looking down on all those unplayed courses, but the US Open was already looming large on my calendar so I knew my return would not be far off. Now that's enough to put the smile back on any golfer's face!

Lorne Duncan has traveled the world caddying and playing golf. After his dustup with the lords of Augusta, he has made his maiden voyage to Myrtle Beach, but it won't be his last!! Our man Duncan will be caddying for reigning US Amateur Champion Matt Fitzpatrick at next week's US Open.