What You Can Expect of Golf Course Conditions in Myrtle Beach in the Winter and Spring Months

With the summer and fall months now past us and the weather turning seasonally cooler along the Grand Strand, you might be wondering what you can expect in terms of golf course conditioning on your upcoming Myrtle Beach golf trip. No matter where you play December through March, you will run into one of two basic visual presentations: the contoured look, or “wall-to-wall” green conditions.

What do each of these things mean? Here’s a quick primer for what you can expect when you’re coming to golf in Myrtle Beach over the next several weeks.


The contoured look around the Myrtle Beach area has been the preferred means of offseason course conditioning for the vast majority of Grand Strand golf courses. The contouring effect emerges when a golf course overseeds its fairways, tees, and (in some cases) its greens, and allows its Bermudagrass rough to go dormant for the winter months. Once the rough reaches full dormancy and the overseeded sections reach their full, Emerald-green hue, it presents a striking visual contrast of green and tan that still allows the course to maintain an optimum playing surface. You can expect the contoured look at such popular designs as Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, True Blue Golf Club, Prestwick Golf Club, Legends Golf & Resort, Rivers Edge Golf Club, and many more popular Myrtle Beach golf courses.

Wall-to-Wall Overseed

You see Augusta National in the springtime, and it’s always completely green. This is the effect of overseeding the course “wall to wall” with Ryegrass. Here in Myrtle Beach, we have a handful of golf courses that do the same. Wall-to-wall overseeding gives these golf courses that same, thorough green look even in the winter months. Just as with our contoured golf courses, wall-to-wall overseeded courses offer golfers optimum playing conditions – just with a different visual presentation. You can expect to see such conditions this winter through spring at Man O' War Golf Club, , The Wizard Golf Links, TPC Myrtle Beach (host of the Dustin Johnson World Junior Golf Championship), and Arrowhead Country Club.

No matter where you play in Myrtle Beach this winter and spring, you can expect our best. Whenever you’re on our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #MyrtleBeachGolf or #MyrtleBeachGolfLive to be featured in our weekly conditions recap!