Charlie Rymer Visits Coconuts Tiki Bar

Join Charlie Rymer as he takes a post-round visit to Coconuts Tiki Bar and learns about the Dirty Banana signature drink from owner Chance Martini. He quickly realizes he’s going to have spend more time in North Myrtle Beach!



Charlie Rymer: So, I’ve had a tough day playing golf here in North Myrtle Beach and I’m going to spend the afternoon at my favorite spot here. This is Coconuts Tiki Bar. I’m starting at the top. This is Chance Martini. He’s the owner here. Chance, after I’ve had a tough day out there shooting, four, five, six under par, I need to relax a little bit. Can you help me relax a little bit around here?

Chance Martini: Yeah. I tell you what we could do. We could start you off with a little frozen drink. We’re going to make a Dirty Banana today.

Charlie: Dirty Banana …

Chance: Yeah. We’ve got our house rums, the Naked Turtle, (we’re) the home of the Naked Turtle.

Charlie: Yeah. Talk to me about the Naked Turtle.

Chance: We get the Naked Turtle coming from St. Croix, about nine times distilled. Never touched the oak barrel. Got a little bit of vanilla to it. Goes real, real good with some mixed drinks.

Charlie: I love that.

Chance: I think what we’ll do, we’ll take a little three-second pour of Naked Turtle.

Charlie: I think that was closer to four and a half.

Chance: Well, it’s for you. I figure you’ll enjoy it. Get a little bit of Kahlua mixed in with that. Have just one nice little scoop of ice. Little bit of our banana mix. Go ahead and throw that in the blender for about 15 seconds. Just a little set up here.

Charlie: I love this sound right here.

Chance: Not too bad after a long day of golf, though, right?

Charlie: Making me forget about my three-putts!

So we got a Naked Turtle Dirty Banana. You’re not going to have one with me? You going to make me drink this by myself?

Chance: I’m going to wait until I get off work. I ain’t trying to get into trouble today!

Charlie: Probably a good idea.

Chance: Not too shabby, right?

Charlie: That’s all kinds of good right there, folks. One more question before I let you go. I know you’re a tiki bar, but I’m seeing folks eating around here. What’s the specialty of the house, food-wise?

Chance: We serve a little bit of everything, we’ve got from burgers to tuna sandwiches. My grandfather actually cooks in the kitchen for us, cooking four, five days a week. Today he’s got fresh shrimp, beer-battered. Gets served with a side of homemade pasta salad or French fries.

Charlie: You can sign me up for that right there.

Chance: We’ll get you one after you’re done with this.

Charlie: And the quality of the seafood here, in particular this shrimp. We’re talking fresh caught right out here, South Carolina shrimp, right?

Chance: Yes, sir. Yeah, we have this here. We also have another restaurant, Midtown Bistro, where my father and I go out, we actually catch all our own seafood from lobster to hognose snapper, grouper, wahoo. We bring it back in and serve it ourselves at the restaurant.

Charlie: Chance and I, we’re going to be good friends for a long time!

Chance: We’ll take care of it.

Charlie: Thank you, buddy.

Chance: I appreciate it. Yes, sir.