Charlie Rymer Visits Eagle Nest Golf Club

Charlie paid a recent visit to Eagle Nest Golf Club in Little River, S.C., and played its newly remodeled 17th Hole with PGA Director of Operations Jim Kane. See what Charlie learned about this popular North Strand track!



Charlie Rymer: So I’m just over the bridge from North Myrtle Beach. We’re at beautiful Eagle Nest Golf Club. And I’m joined by PGA Director of Operations Jim Kane. Jim, this golf course has always been known for the finishing holes. We’re on 17 right now. Tell me about your finishing holes.

Jim Kane: So 16, 17 and 18 are known as the toughest stretch on the Grand Strand. 17 here is a par 5, 576 yards, water to negotiate. We just put in a brand-new green complex, pot bunker on the left. So there’s a lot of area to negotiate here.

Charlie: Well, one of the things that you and I have talked about, this golf course can stretch out and be the longest golf course in the state of South Carolina. But you don’t have to play it from that far back. You guys got a lot of tee boxes here.

Jim: That is true. We use those long tee boxes. They’re called the Perch Tee Boxes. And they’re just over 8,000 yards, making us the longest golf course in South Carolina. So we’ve got a warm-up for that. You take two Advil, call the wife and tell her to turn on the heating pad, and get after it! But we also, in conjunction, built a shorter tee. And they’re at 3,700 yards, playable for everybody out there.

Charlie: Yeah, that’s something that’s really important. When you have guests come out to play, you want to make sure they get on the right set of tee markers. Otherwise that’s no fun for anybody.

Jim: Correct. We want to make it the best golfing experience possible for everybody who comes out and visits.

Charlie: Well, I love how your property is sort of tucked away back off of the highway a little bit. And it’s got a really nice sense of privacy back here. It’s like a stroll in a state park. Let’s go ahead and tackle this 17. You said it’s 576 yards?

Jim: 576.

Charlie: All right, lead us off.

Jim: You got it. Thank you Charlie.

Charlie: So Jim, I’ve got to tell you, I’m a little depressed because I’m seeing this difference (in height), but I’m only seeing this difference in the fairway. So I only got you by a couple of yards. I guess I need to start working out like you.

Jim: I think I landed in a soft spot over there.

Charlie: Oh right, right, right. So this is a par 5. We’re going to lay up.


Jim: Correct. We’ve got a water feature up front here. And, for me, I can’t get it home. So I’m going to lay it up. Best lay-up position is going to be on the left-hand side, it gives us the best angle into the green.

Charlie: All right, well let’s lay them up.

Charlie: So Jim, you guys do something really neat with the penalty areas here. In fact, most of the golf courses in all of Myrtle Beach do it. We’ve got these flag sticks that mark where the penalty areas are. That’s really helpful to all the out-of-town visitors we have here.

Jim: Without a doubt. With as many folks that we’ve got who come and play us for the first time, it lets us know everywhere on a golf course where trouble may lie. And then, that way, they can shoot it, get a yardage, and know where the safe zones are.

Charlie: Yep. Otherwise, we would’ve just been guessing right here where to lay it up.

Jim: Correct.

Charlie: Get that range finder out, shoot that flag marking that penalty area, it’ll help you play a little better golf in Myrtle Beach. I’ve got 140.

Jim: That is correct.

Charlie: You step back and let me show you how it’s done here.

Jim: You got it sir. Let’s get it close.

Charlie: That might be all right there.

Jim: Looking good. Well done.

Charlie: Just a touch short, but that’s all right.

Jim: Well played.

Charlie: All right, we’re going to walk on down here to your ball.

Jim: A little left. Safely on.

Charlie: Yeah, you got a nice kick towards the hole.

Jim: Safely on.

Charlie: Come on, let’s grab these putters.

Charlie: Okay, Jim, we’ve both got birdie putts here. And this is something I’ve been waiting all day to say: “You’re away.”

Jim: Get a little speed to it.

Charlie: You did everything but hit it. Get in there.

Jim: Nice.

Charlie: That’s why they call me “The Big Timer!”

Jim: Well done, Charlie, well done.

Charlie: I appreciate the hospitality. Thank you for having us out here at Eagle Nest. Thanks for letting me come out here and beat you.

Jim: Well, we had to make it look good for the cameras! We’re trying to do some good things here at the golf course. Thank you for you and your team to come out. Come see us anytime here at Eagle Nest Golf Club. It’s a great golf course.

Charlie: I know you guys are doing a lot of things to improve this golf course and it looks like they’ve paid off in a big way. Congratulations.

Jim: Thank you so much, and we’ll see you soon!