Charlie’s Travels: Aiming Right to Avoid Right at The Pearl’s Waterside Par 5’s Charlie Rymer is making the rounds in 2023 – playing courses up and down the Grand Strand, showcasing their memorable holes and even offering some playing advice for the next time you encounter them in your travels. In this video, Charlie’s playing the par-5 7th hole on the The Pearl Golf Links‘ West Course, and showing you how counterintuitive thinking will help you avoid the marsh that borders the right side of this beautiful hole from tee to green.



Speaker 1:

Hey, everybody. Folks are always wondering why us golfers are crazy. I’m going to tell you why. Because everything we do in this game is counterintuitive. All right, think about this. On a green where the ball rolls slowly, we call that a fast green, and on a green where the ball rolls quickly, we call that a slow green. It makes no sense, right?

So in that vein, I’m going to give you a tip on this beautiful, classic Lowcountry par five, where the marsh is up the right-hand side, and obviously you’ve got to figure out how to take that marsh completely out of play. I can live from the trees on the left. From the marsh on the right, I’m in there with the gators. That’s no good at all, and what I’m going to tell you makes no sense until you try it.

To eliminate the right side of the golf course, aim over there. Think about it. If I’m worried about going right, and I open my stance up, and I aim to the left, I’m not going to release the club. I’m going to hold onto it. Guess what? I’m going in the marsh. So I’m going to take a couple practice swings. I’m actually going to close my stance down, feel the club releasing, then I’m actually going to aim at the right edge of the fairway here, which is the left edge of the marsh, swing there, know that the club is going to release, and my ball is going left of that marsh.

Close it down a little bit, swing that way, and I guarantee you that ball is going to be dry.