Charlie’s Travels: Banking on Creativity at Barefoot’s Love Course’s Charlie Rymer is making the rounds in 2023 – playing courses up and down the Grand Strand, showcasing their memorable holes and even offering some playing advice for the next time you encounter them in your travels. In his latest stop Charlie’s flexing his creativity at the par-4 4th at Barefoot Resort & Golf’s Love Course, where the faux ruins that surround the green can serve a purpose beyond its aesthetic appeal!



Charlie Rymer:

So I tried to drive this fourth green and I didn’t quite make it, and my ball is right up against this ancient Roman ruins of a wall. Well, maybe not, but it’s up against this wall.

So I’m not very good at the left-handed shot like this. I can do this a little bit, but what I see here is the opportunity to hit a bank shot. Yeah, this is an integral part of the golf course. Let’s see what we get. [inaudible 00:00:48].

I love it! Make sure you play golf with your head up. You never know when you might get a chance to play a creative shot like this!