Course Tip from Charlie Rymer: How to Read Greens on Dye Designs

From hole no. 3 at the Moorland Course at Legends Golf Resort in Myrtle Beach,’s Charlie Rymer shows us how you can effectively gauge the slope of greens at most Pete or P.B. Dye course designs.


Charlie Rymer:
So this is the third green at the Moorland golf course here at Legends. It’s a Dye golf course, and I’ve got a tip for you.
Whenever you’re playing most golf courses, the green is going to be tilted towards the water. When you’re playing a Dye course, often that’s not the case.
When you’re trying to figure out how to read greens on Dye courses, what you look for are the drain holes just off the putting surface. This little low area right here, this is a nice little drain hole. Dye designs have always done this. You’ve got water on one side, that green is tilted away from that water, so when it rains or they irrigate, everything goes right to this drain hole. The ball is going to go towards this drain hole. Remember that when you’re playing a Dye golf course, everything goes away from the lakes very typically, and they go towards this drain hole.