Current Conditions: Shaftesbury Glen

Today we caught up with Eddie Willever, head golf professional at Shaftesbury Glen Golf & Fish Club, to check in on how their spring season has unfolded. As you’ll see, Eddie has every reason to be proud of the stellar condition of his golf course.


Eddie Willever: Honestly this is our favorite month of the year. May is optimal growing season here in South Carolina. We are in pristine condition from tee to green. We’re probably as good as we can possibly get with our grass. We’re known for our A1 bentgrass greens which are slightly elevated, so all of our putting surfaces right now are just fantastic.

Condition-wise, we’re blessed with one of the best superintendents … He has been here since we built the golf course in 2001 when we took it from a farmland and built it to a golf course. We’re actually known, our reputation with our locals is for pristine conditions at a local’s price. It’s what we’re known for. We give you tremendous value.

Out of, I think, six golf courses left in Myrtle Beach, we’re one (of a select few) with bentgrass greens, so we are optimal every single month out of the year. Our downtime for growing grass actually is the summer. Even in the summer, we’re pristine. We have fans and we syringe the greens pretty much around the clock when we hit the summer.

The feedback this past golf season, if you want to go February 15th (until) right now, has just been tremendous. All of our golf package (visitors) have all made a point of coming in to our clubhouse, telling us, “Wow. Where have you been my whole life? And how do you get the course to look this good constantly?”

We’re a full-service facility. The cool thing about our owners and the Glens Group is when they built Shaftesbury Glen, they built it out in Conway, they wanted to be off the beaten path just enough … We’ve got this beautiful farmland and they built a tremendous golf course which we renovated three years ago, put a half million dollars into nothing but waste bunkers and drainage just to expedite golfers on less-than-better days. Whether it be rainy, windy, cold or hot, it’s easy to get around Shaftesbury Glen.