Dog House Rules: Check Out Myrtlewood-Palmetto’s New On-Course Concession Stop

There may not be a clubhouse turn at the Palmetto Course at Myrtlewood Golf Club, but now it’s your turn to get a great bite to eat during your next round there.

The Dog House at Myrtlewood is situated between the Palmetto Course’s 5th, 13th and 16th holes, so if you’re not hungry on the front nine you still get multiple chances to stop by on the back. You’ll be glad you did, as The Dog House features a selection of seven hot dog styles, each loaded up with its own special toppings. They include:

The Dodger Dog, a footlong topped with ketchup, mustard and onions;

The Coney Dog with all-beef chili, chopped onions and shredded cheddar;

The Back 9, featuring a creative blend of pimento cheese, chopped bacon and siracha sausce on a poppy seed bun;

The Carolina Dog with homemade cole slaw, chopped onions and all-beef chili;

The PiggyBack topped with pulled pork, house slaw and BBQ sauce:

The Chicago Dog that includes pickled peppers, a slice of tomato, chopped onions, a pickle spear, celery salt, neon relish and mustard on a poppy seed bun; and

The New York Dog with warm sauerkraut and mustard.

As if this creative selection isn’t enough, The Dog House also boasts a selection of cold beer as well as craft spirits from Cape Fear Distillery and Porch Pounder Premium Quality Wine.

What did the crew sample during their recent visit? Check it out in this video, and be sure to include a stop at The Dog House during your next round at Myrtlewood-Palmetto!