Don’t Be That Guy: Dr. Rymer Offers the Cure for the Interminable Pre-Shot Routine

June 28, 2013

Golf Channel designated June as Pace of Play Month, and our old friend Charlie Rymer worked with Matt Ginella to put together a series videos designed to help speed things up on the course.

Improving pace of play isn't as difficult as it might seem. Little things can knock 15-20 minutes off a round and Charlie and Ginella have provided some entertaining examples.

In keeping with the idea that speed benefits everyone, the videos are all less than a minute, and each demonstrates a typical pace of play problem and offers a common sense solution.


The embedded video focuses on making your pre-shot routine, a primary source of slow play for to many people, as efficient as possible. But don’t stop there. We encourage everyone to watch the series of videos and, just as importantly, share them with your friends, especially the slow ones!!