These Fans Take the John Daly Challenge

Remember that day at Monday After the Masters when John Daly hit his tee shot off a beer can, then proceeded to finish the beer he hit from? We do, too. That’s why we decided to re-created the moment at this year’s event with a few of its fans. Watch what happened!



Kyle: What’s up everyone? It’s Kyle here from, for the 25th Anniversary of Monday After the Masters.

Now there have been a lot of great memories here over the years, but probably one of the greatest was “The John Daly.” Many of you probably remember this viral video where John Daly hit a tee shot off a beer can and then proceeded to chug it, all while barefoot.

Well, today, we’re going to recreate it!

Kyle: Alright guys, what’s up? We’re ready for the John Daly Challenge. What’s your name?

Jordan: Jordan.

Kyle: Where are you from Jordan?

Jordan: I live here in Myrtle Beach.

Kyle: Alright, are you ready to take the John Daly Challenge?

Jordan: I was born ready.

Kyle: Alright, so you’re the farthest so far Jordan.

Jordan: Send it.

Speaker 3: John Daly, baby!