Five Things You Need to Know About the PineHills Course at Myrtlewood

November 13, 2012

PineHills at Myrtlewood is an area favoriteThe PineHills Course was the first of Myrtlewood’s two layouts to open in 1966 and it has long been among the area’s most requested tee times.

Its sister layout, the Palmetto Course, one of seven Myrtle Beach golf courses to play along the Intracoastal Waterway, opened in 1973 and together they made Myrtlewood a pioneering multi-course property.  

What else do you need to know before teeing it up on the PineHills Course? We have five tips will assist you on the first tee.

1. PineHills allows players to decide how often they want to hit the driver. The layout is open, so there is ample room to bomb the ball off the tee. But if you inspect the course from the green backwards, it becomes clear that there are rewards for being in the proper portion of the fairway. The choice is yours: A few extra yards off the tee or a better angle of attack?

2. Speaking of attack angles, the PineHills course is defined by the character of its greens complexes. The greens tend to be undulating and being in the proper spot is vital for securing a two-putt. Errant shots will challenge players to use their creativity, bringing the bump and run and an assortment of pitch shots into play, but it’s hard to make par from off the green.

3. Playability is one of hallmarks of the PineHills course, and architect Arthur Hills, who overhauled the layout in 1993, provided players the opportunity to start strong. The opening three holes, including the 348-yard (from the tips), par 4 second hole, give players the chance to pick up a few strokes off the jump. Take advantage because …

4. The finish at PineHills, includes two of the course’s strongest challenges. The eighteenth hole, the layout’s best, is a great finish, and the par 3 17th includes the round’s most knee-knocking shot. The short par 3 – 153 yards from the tips – has water to the front and right of the green, and the tee shot is complicated by the prevailing sea breeze, which is typically a headwind.

5. In addition to great golf, PineHills also enjoys the bonus of being the most conveniently located layout on the Myrtle Beach golf scene. Myrtlewood is accessible via 48th Avenue North on 17 Bypass, making it as easy to get to as it is fun to play.

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