Gene’s Dream Foundation Hosts Dream Weekend Events

The Gene’s Dream Foundation honors the legacy of Gene Weldon, a legendary mentor who introduced countless youth to the game of golf and taught them how to love it. Hear from Gene’s Dream Chair Wil Weldon and Executive Vice President Kelly Tilghman on the Foundation’s latest efforts to grow the game in Gene’s memory, including a full slate of fundraising events held Oct. 25-26 at and Tidewater Golf Club in North Myrtle Beach, S.C.



Wil Weldon:
I think (my father, Gene Weldon) would be extremely proud of what we did the first year. Anything else is just icing on the cake. I think he would be extremely proud of everything that we’ve done, the direction that we’re heading, continuing to do what he was so passionate about in his career, helping children, growing the game. I don’t want to put any words into his mouth, but I think he would be extremely proud of what we’ve done.

Kelly Tilghman:
Gene was someone who kept me in line. You don’t know it when you’re 11, that somebody is showing you the way. He used the game of golf to do that. He would close up the shop early and take me and his son out and other kids, my brothers included, out for countless rounds of golf. When we were in those rounds of golf he would make us stop, take pause and understand the moment whether it was about etiquette, courtesy, respect, judgment, self-policing, all the things that come with the game of golf, the values that are given to you. Kids don’t notice that, and he made sure we knew. We knew, and we learned from it.