Golf Instruction Zone: How to Control Your Clubface and the Ball

January 17, 2017



Hi, I’m Ted Frick, owner and director of instruction at Classic Swing Golf School in beautiful Myrtle Beach, S.C., at Legends Resort.

Welcome to the New Year and I’m going to give you a new tip. This tip is about control in 2017. It’s about clubface control. In this information age we have, with flight scope and launch monitors, we know 78 percent of the spin, good or bad, is imparted by the clubface. I promise you, doing this fulltime, we didn’t know that 25 years ago.

I want you take a look. This is a Classic Swing club head. Clubface control is the ultimate in control of your golf ball. I’m going to take this club head and place it in my left-hand. I want you to think about your left-hand being the guide in clubface control.

I put it in my left hand and let the toe of my left thumb exceed the toe of my golf club head. I’m going to make a motion with my left arm being like the hour hand on a clock. Starting out at 6, my left arm is going to work to nine o’clock and my thumb is going to point up. In this alignment, when my thumb is up the club of the golf face is up and that’s when the clubface is square in the backstroke.

I’m going to go thumb up at 9 o’clock and I’m going to rotate over to thumb up at 3 o’clock, so thumb up to thumb up is the equivalent of toe up toe up, which is clubface control.

Watch this with two golf clubs – a seven iron and a driver – because they are universal alignments. Both at 9 o’clock toe up and 3 o’clock toe up is giving me control of the clubface and therefore control of the golf ball.

So watch this little drill. When you start your season in 2017, use your wedges or an 8 iron, short golf clubs. Keep them short and heavy and go slow.

Work on some little drills. Little punch shots, knockdowns.

Here is a shot to start the season in 2017, toe up to toe up. You are going to start throwing darts. Have a great year and welcome to 2017.


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