Golf Instruction Zone: How to Gain More Power

March 15, 2017


Hi, I’m Ted Frick, director of instruction and owner of the Classic Swing Golf School, located in Myrtle Beach at the beautiful Legends Resort.

Today I want to talk about the tip on power. There are a couple of things about power. Number one, you’ve got to set up for power. Number two, you might have to train a little bit for power. Number three, you might have to have one simple key for power.

Let me start out with the set up. All right, first off, the set up for power, I’m talking about with a driver. You’ve got to understand that (with) a little wider stance, a little broader base, where like the inside of your heels will get into the outside of the shoulders, that’s a set up for power versus being more narrow. Another thing about the set up would be, when I go ahead and address the golf ball with my wider base. Notice how the right shoulder is lower than the left. What I’m doing, is I’m setting my spine angled up away from the target and behind the golf ball. All right, my set up, my ball’s forward, and my weight’s actually a little bit back at address for the set up. Wider base with some more tilt.

How about training for power? Well, at the Classic Swing Golf School we’ll use a weighted golf club. This has been around for 25 years or more. The old power fan, I love it. Go ahead at Amazon, Google, you can find it and get somebody one for Christmas. It’s a power tool. You train with something like this, the weighted club or power fan, and you are going to stretch and you are going to strengthen your golf muscles, because the tip for power’s going to be on turn.

I want you just to watch this. Use this as an image. Imagine I was holding like a ball, like a four-pound medicine ball. I wanted to throw the ball for power. Would I use my arms, or would I use my body? The natural ingredient is to use the body. With the power fan, you’re training your body, you’re strengthening your body. With the driver, now I’ve got to turn. The turn is the ingredient. Here’s going to be my key. I’m going to key on my left shoulder, that’s what’s going to move this club head. When I get that left shoulder moving back behind the golf ball, I’m going to try to keep this right knee fixed and flexed. Turn that left shoulder over that right knee, keeping that right knee fixed and flexed for power. What you don’t want to do is sit there and lock the right knee, or have the right knee jut to the right when you’re working on the power move, which is the turn. All right, so the key here, left shoulder, move the club head. I’m not moving with the small muscles, moving it with the big muscles. Watch this stable right knee when I make this turn. Big old turn. Left shoulder cranking up over the right knee, and then rotate through the bounce finish.

I hope you enjoyed that ingredient but I would tell you this. Make sure if you’re working on power, do a little training for power. It’ll expedite things. All right, enjoy. Thank you. 


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