Golf Instruction Zone: One Drill Can Eliminate Chunking AND Topping Shots!

Ted Frick, director of instruction at Classic Swing Golf School, one of America’s 25 best, demonstrates a tip to correct one of the game’s most common swing flaws – weight shift. Improper weight shift causes players to chunk and top the ball, and Frick shows you a drill to stop both!

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Ted Frick, Owner and Director of Instruction of the Classic Swing Golf School, one of America’s Top 25 golf Schools.

I want to illustrate right now one of the most common flaws of a mid-to-higher handicapper, and that is the weight shift or improper weight shift.

Now this tendency of the improper weight shift, which is hanging back, is usually due to the thought process. That is the illusion that you feel as though you’re supposed to hit under the ball to make the ball go up. Any tendency to lift, scoop, or help will have you hanging back and you’ll either hit the ground before the ball or you’ll actually hit the ball on the upswing where you top it.

So believe it or not a top shot and a chunk shot are going to be the result of the same thing: weight hanging back and the golf club working up. So here’s a no-no. Mid-to-higher handicapper, we’re making this motion that’s trying to lift, scoop, and help. Therefore, as a result, the weight is backwards.

Okay, here’s a drill. At the golf school we call it the step in drill. It’s our number one drill for weight shift. Take a look. Now, the key is I want to get my weight moving towards my target, which is forward. At the same time the thought process has to be: hit the ball on a descending condition. Down makes the ball go up.

Alright, the Stepping Drill. With feet together I take my set up. Then I’m going to move my left foot back to my right. My key here is, just before I complete my backswing, I’m going to go ahead and get my weight shifting forward. We call it the Baseball Drill or the Step Bend Drill. Take a look.

This this is for weight shift. Okay, all set up again. Arms nice and relaxed, bring my left foot to the right. Now I’m going to go ahead and do my back swing and step while hitting the golf ball on a descending condition. My weight is moving forward.

This is an awesome drill. Two fold: 1) it helps you hit down and 2) it gets your weight moving towards the target.

Alright, good luck with this tip. Thanks!

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