Golf Instruction Zone: Stefany Shows Us How to Read the Grain

Stefany King, instructor at the Classic Swing Golf School at Legends Golf Resort in Myrtle Beach, S.C., shows us the easiest way to read the grain on the Grand Strand’s putting surfaces – and how you can adjust your putting stroke accordingly.



Hey everyone! I’m Stefany from the Classic Swing Golf School. I’m going to teach everyone today about the grain of the grass that we have here on the greens in Myrtle Beach, because I know you’re coming into town for a golf trip, and you may not know how to read the greens here.

So come up close, and I want everybody to see on the cup, right here, there’s going to be one side of the cup that’s browned out. Right here, we’ll see that the cup is browned out right on the side. Now, what that tells me is that’s the way the grain is growing, so if I rub my hand into the grass (Don’t do this part on the golf course, you may get in trouble!), everyone sees that I’m kind of pulling the grass up. So what that tells me is the grain is growing that way. Now, if I did it to the opposite side, that means I’m going down grain.

Now, if I’m putting from this side of the hole (perpendicular to the grain), the ball is then going to fall towards the direction of the grain. So if I putt this ball right here, I know that my ball is going to fall towards the left side of the hole there, so I would probably aim maybe inside of the right edge and putt it, and it’s going to fall right into the cup.

I hope this tip helps, and I hope everyone has a great season!