Tip Tuesday (x3): Ted’s Trio

Ted Frick, owner and director of instruction at the Classic Swing Golf School at Legends Resort in Myrtle Beach, S.C., offers up three quick drills you can try on the practice range to help with balance, dynamic weight shift and lateral weight shift, respectively.





A very important ingredient to hit the ball solid is balance. That’s why I’m standing on these two-by-fours. Look. I need a steady head and stability from the ground up. The idea on the two-by-fours is to keep my feet grounded, using my ground forces. Take a look.

For those that have some crazy footwork, watch the stability from the ground up. That is a balance drill, guaranteed to help you hit the golf ball more solid.

Dynamic Weight Shift

To add some distance to the drive, we need dynamic weight shift and for you baseball lovers, you’re gonna love this.

I’m going to take my regular set up with a driver, regular ball position stance width. I’m going to make a motion and as I move the golf club back, I’m going to take that left foot and come back to the right with it. But in that down swing, I’m going to plant that left foot to start the down swing. Dynamic weight shift for distance. Take a look.

That will help out distance to any drive, guaranteed.

Lateral Weight Shift

Looking for some power in the golf swing? Let’s look at lateral weight shift. Here’s a great drill for that.

Try this with your irons first. Take your regular set up. I’ve got an 8 iron here. What I’m going to do is bring my left foot over to my right foot, and in the down swing I’m going to make sure I start my down swing by bringing that left foot and getting it planted before I start my down swing. Take a look.

Lateral weight shift for power. Left to the right. Turn. That’s a lateral weight shift for power, a very important ingredient.