Golf Instruction Zone: The Two Tilts of the Golf Swing

October 18, 2017


We're going to talk about the two tilts that I think are important for the average golfer to understand. So many times I'll see a student, they'll hit a bad shot and they'll say they didn't keep their head down. That's probably the worst thing possible to try to do in the golf swing. One, it's just a huge power killer. And two, it's a great way to not hit the golf ball well.

There are two tilts to understand, and the difference. One is forward tilt and one is right side tilt. We want to obviously maintain our right side tilt in the through swing, but what we don't want to do is try to maintain our forward tilt when we swing. If you finish like this, I can promise you you won't hit it very far. When we swing through, what generates power is actually using the ground to push up and we're extending our hips or rising, our abs and our ribs are straightening as we maintain our right side bend.

Obviously we're not trying to finish this way but we're rising up as we maintain our right side bend. That is an enormous power accumulator in the swing, is how much our belt buckle rises up through impact. In the downswing, this position here is the lowest point the hands get to the ground. From here, our pelvis, everything has to be rising. Our belt buckle has to be rising through the shot to generate the power. If we try to keep our head down, there's no way we can lift our hips.

Forget that crazy thing of keeping your head down, and I want you to try to push up to your natural finish. You start letting those hips rise, get back to your natural finish, your natural height of your every day posture, and you'll start picking up some yardage.