Golf Tip from Paige Spiranac: Play 18 on the Putting Green

Stop taking mindless strokes on the practice putting green! As Paige Spiranac shows us, there’s an approach you can take to your practice green work that ensures you’re practicing with a purpose – and even having fun while you’re at it!



Hey everyone, it’s Paige, and we are in Myrtle Beach today, and I have another great tip for you! When you are practicing putting, and I see this all the time, people will just step up, and they’ll just aimlessly hit balls, and not even really think about it, especially for short putts. And this is not the routine that you’re going to have when you’re playing. So why do you practice this way?

I think this is a great drill and tip for anyone practicing their putting, and if you struggle with taking what you’re doing on the putting green and bringing it out onto the golf course, do this.

Go through your full routine, play golf. That’s what you’re trying to do, right? You practice to take it to the course so you can get better. And it’s uncomfortable when you go through your routine for the first time when you’ve just spent hours hitting three footers and you haven’t moved your feet, you haven’t moved your hands, all you’re doing is just hitting ball after ball after ball. Then when you get out there and you go through your whole routine and you break it up, you’re like, “What just happened?”

This is something that’s not new to me. Play 18 holes on the putting green, and go through your routine, line everything up, walk around, read it as if you normally would. And another thing I like to do, which is a fun game, if you have a three putt, then you have to start over.

Or you can make it a little more challenging for yourself, and every putt has to be past the hole. And if you leave it short, then you also start over. You can make it as challenging and or easy as you want. But the big key here is to just go around, play 18 holes on your putting green, and line everything up. Read it as if you normally would. And I know that if you do this on the putting green every single day, you’re going to putt so much better on the golf course.

Definitely give that a try. And I hope you enjoyed this tip!