Golf Vacation Providers Step Up Communications Efforts During Pandemic

Myrtle Beach’s golf vacation providers have always taken pride in communicating frequently, and with a personal touch, with their customers. Now more than ever, that communication is critical in helping golf vacationers make the most informed decisions possible in these COVID-19 times. See how one provider is deploying its creative resources to produce and share the content and information their customers seek.



Justin Binke:
We understand how much people look forward to their trip here in Myrtle Beach. Whether it’s a buddy or a family trip, we want to make the best experience possible for them. One way we excel at this is by striving to communicate frequently with our past guests, and this year, obviously with everything that’s going on, we’ve even done so more often. From email updates, website notification links, to our golf directors reaching out directly, our customers really appreciate that.

Here at Myrtle Beach Golf Trips, we feel it’s crucial for us to continue to update our communication channels for our customers that are booked this fall, and potential ones looking to book soon, so they know exactly what to expect when they arrive to play golf. Myrtle Beach golf courses have done a great job implementing safety precautions at their facilities and keeping golfers as safe as possible.

In addition to our worry-free cancellation policy now in place, and our book online park and play program, we are confident that customers will continue to have a great golf experience with us, as they’ve come to expect from start to finish.

Nate DeWitt:
Something we’ve always worked hard on is bringing our subscribers the latest news and updates from their favorite golf destination. Whether it be recent photos, course reviews, golf tips, or even things in the area outside of golf, we cover it all.

Our Gimme Golf podcasts have become a popular go-to resource as well, and we get great feedback on it. We roll all this out on our websites, social media channels, and to our database subscribers through email.

Justin Binke:
Our golf directors are here to help. We’re prepared to answer any questions that you may have, and we’re open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. So give us a call. Especially during these times, we’ll help to answer any questions you may have as you arrive here in Myrtle Beach.