Golfweek Program Challenge Participants Reflect on Myrtle Beach Golf Experience

September 22, 2016


Drew Kayser, Boston College Head Coach: Wonderful golf courses. I’ve never vacationed down here. I’ve come down here for work a couple times, recruiting, but I would say if I came down these are two places I would love to play. Not just because I’ve coached here but the shotmaking quality.

Lance Ringler, Golfweek Magazine Events Director: Caledonia is one of my favorite places we go every year. I love everything about the place. I tell people each hole looks like a picture, you could frame it and put it on your wall. 

Anna Magnusson, Women’s Medalist: It’s a fun course, it really is. I like this course. Last year I played really well – I shot a 64 in the opening round. You can make birdies here on every hole. 

David Wicks, Men’s Medalist: Honestly, it’s one of my favorite courses. It’s forgiving off the tee. We were thinking, we don’t know how they mow those fairways; it must take days. Wide fairways, the greens are big. You’ve got to hit it in the right spot of the green, the right spot of the fairway. It’s demanding but it’s fair, very fair.