Can You Conquer the 5 Longest Golf Holes in Myrtle Beach?

February 4, 2015

True Blue Golf Course of Myrtle Beach

Most of us don’t play from the tips, but it’s occasionally fun to think about the challenge. With that in mind, here are five Myrtle Beach golf holes that demand maximum COR out of your driver and every inch of distance the Pro V1 has in it.

The Myrtle Beach area’s five longest holes:

  1. Farmstead, No. 18, 767 yards, par 6 – This whopper is so long that it tees off in South Carolina and finishes in North Carolina, literally. The Grand Strand’s only par 6, No. 18 straddles the North Carolina-South Carolina state line, providing a memorable to finish a round.
  2. True Blue, No. 1, 624 yards, par 5 – Architect Mike Strantz lets golfers know on the first tee that a round at True Blue, one of the area’s best courses, will be a significant test. The first is a massive dogleg left that ranks as True Blue’s most difficult hole. Survive this one and your day is off to a great start.
  3. Eagle Nest, No. 17, 616 yards, par 5 – Gene Hamm displayed great foresight with the 17th at Eagle Nest, allowing the hole room to withstand the challenges of modern technology. The 17th is straight but water in front of a bunkered-green demands precision coming in.
  4. Pearl  West, No. 14, 614 yards, par 5 – Dan Maples designed a pair of gems at the Pearl, and this monster is certainly one of the take home memories. The 14th isn’t just long, Maples left one of his signature trees in the fairway, a large waste bunker looms on the left and a large pond buffets the front of the green. 
  5. Wicked Stick, No. 11, 611 yards, par 5 – The poster boy for “grip it and rip it” golf, John Daly, has one course design to his credit and it’s appropriate that he has an entry on this list. Wicked Stick is a links-style design and Daly offers players the opportunity to smack the driver, but you will need every bit of roll you can get on No. 11.

Have you played Myrtle Beach’s longest holes?  If so, did you survive the challenge?