Legends Golf & Resort Pays Tribute to Law Enforcement Officers

Not only is Legends Golf & Resort hosting nearly 300 active and retired law enforcement officers this week for the National Law Enforcement Officers’ Memorial Golf Classic, the staff also hosted a special ceremony Monday to honor these men and women. Hear from Legends Golf’s Bradley Vaughan on the efforts behind this event.



Bradley Vaughan:
We’ve got the 20th Anniversary National Law Enforcement Officers’ Memorial Golf Classic here at Legends. It used to be a big deal here in the Myrtle Beach area. At one point, they had over 1,200 people here on nine different golf courses. And, we’ve worked closely with Dan Morphet, who ran the event for 19 years.

Last year, they saw their numbers dwindle to about 180. I and Kyle Moorefield, who’s the director of sales and marketing here, teamed up with Dan to rebrand and re-market the event. We did that successfully in a year’s period where we grew it 32 percent. And that’s the goal moving forward, to continue to grow this illustrious event back to where it once was.

So, we really contacted every local law enforcement office that we could find, and said, “Hey, would you mind bringing out police cars? Would you mind coming out, doing the colors?” We were met with open arms with the law enforcement community here in Myrtle Beach. So, we just wanted to show our appreciation and support, not only here locally, but across the company as well.