Meet Heather Royer, the Woman Behind

June 22, 2016

Heather Royer is one of Myrtle Beach's best golf package providersSomeone like Heather Royer. 

What? You didn’t expect one of the most popular Myrtle Beach golf package providers to be a woman? 

There are few, if any, people along the Grand Strand who have spent a lifetime immersed in the game the way Royer has. How passionate about golf is she? A concert pianist, Royer turned down the opportunity to study at prestigious Juilliard to pursue golf. 

Growing up in suburban Pittsburgh, she became the first girl to letter in a boys varsity sport (you get three guesses as to the sport), she earned a full golf scholarship to Charleston Southern University, worked for a golf agent, and is married to former PGA Tour pro, Hugh Royer, III. 

For the last four years, Heather Royer’s love of the game has been channeled through her work at, where she leads golf package operations.

Whether you want to talk about your favorite Myrtle Beach golf courses, the PGA Tour, or restaurant recommendations, Royer has few peers. 

In between booking golf, she made time for a quick Q&A. 

Are people surprised to hear a woman pick up the phone when they call about a Myrtle Beach golf package? 
I think it gives me a tremendous advantage. The majority of golfers are men. Sometimes, at first, I think they are hesitant when they get a female on the phone, unless they are a repeat customer and know me, but when we start talking they realize I know more about the game than they do. I think guys like when a girl can talk golf with them. 

What advice do you give group leaders?
I tell them they don’t always have to play the most expensive course to get the best experience, but you don’t necessarily want to play the cheapest either. There is so much good value here in Myrtle Beach. There are a lot of options, a lot of choices. Trust the person you are talking to and the advice they give. 

What are your favorite area courses?
Long Bay is the first course I played when we moved here in 2007. It’s near and dear to me. It’s a fun course and lady friendly.  Tidewater is just exquisite and has some of the most scenic holes of any course on the Grand Strand. Those are my top 2. 

Which restaurants do you most often recommend?
I always send people to Joe’s Bar & Grill. For all around food and atmosphere, it’s one of our favorites. I recommend Villa Romano for Italian. It’s a bit of a drive for our groups in North Myrtle Beach, but they always appreciate the recommendation. Fire & Smoke is a great spot as well for happy hour, dinner, or both!