Moving Day Myrtle Beach: The Barefoot Resort Community

Ever dreamed of moving to Myrtle Beach? Well pack your bags, because Moving Day Myrtle Beach is here! Jason Potter of Grand Strand Coastal Realty and Charlie Rymer take you around the residential community at Barefoot Resort & Golf in North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Featuring a wide variety of single-family home options to go along with easy access to the award-winning course designs of Pete Dye, Davis Love III, Greg Norman and Tom Fazio, Barefoot Resort & Golf has been a go-to relocation destination now for more than two decades!

From daily lifestyle and golfing perspectives, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better combination to suit the needs of your move to the Grand Strand. Join Jason and Charlie as they show and tell you all about it!

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Charlie Rymer (00:18):

The area we refer to as Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is actually about eight or nine communities. It’s about 70 miles from top to bottom. It ranges all the way from Georgetown, South Carolina, all the way into North Carolina, a little city up there called Shallotte. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Charlie Rymer (00:35):

Now, today we’re in the north side of Myrtle Beach in the community called North Myrtle Beach. This is Barefoot. It’s one of my favorites. I absolutely love it. And I know you like it too, Jason.

Jason Potter (00:46):

I do Charlie. We are, we’re at Barefoot Resort today and we’re taking a look at some beautiful residential options. You know, people love to come vacation here at Barefoot because they love Barefoot Landing. They love the shops, the live entertainment, and the dining options.

Charlie Rymer (01:01):

Yeah. Let me jump in right there. Barefoot Landing is absolutely spectacular. This is the Intracoastal Waterway right behind us. On the other side of the Intracoastal is Barefoot. It’s recently been revitalized with a lot of cash rolling into it, and it’s a show place now. Of course, there’s entertainment. There’s great shopping, you got to go by the Pepper Palace. They know me at the Pepper Palace. That’s one of my favorite shops on the planet, but the food is unbelievable. Greg Norman has a place there, but the little hidden gem, and you know I love Italian food, Umberto’s, it is absolutely phenomenal. Go to Umberto’s, tell them Charlie sent you. What do you got lined up for us today in terms of housing?

Jason Potter (01:39):

Well, great question. We have a perfect villa. Right now we’re at the Edgewater Community. So here inside of Barefoot Resort, Charlie, you have a lot of different housing options. You have everything from condos where you can do vacation rentals and maybe come stay once a year, right?

Jason Potter (01:55):

Then you also have everything up to custom homes that cost over a million dollars in private gated communities, the Dye Estates, here at Barefoot. And pretty much everything in between.

Jason Potter (02:05):

Today, we’re at Edgewater Villas and this is also a private gated community inside the Barefoot Master complex. And you can do rentals in here, but they’re restricting them to at least one month or longer. So that takes away a lot of the short-term vacation renters that like to come in here to Barefoot. And it kind of caters itself more to your second home and permanent residents here inside of Barefoot. It’s a great option, that we find for our clients and customers, that maybe want to come and stay here on the Grand Strand, relocate here permanently, but they still love to vacation or like to go visit those grand babies. You can lock up these, leave them for four months, come right back and they look and feel the exact same.

Charlie Rymer (02:46):

72 holes of golf here, we’ll get into that a little bit later. But right now, let’s go check out this cool villa.

Jason Potter (02:52):

Let’s go.

Charlie Rymer (02:54):

So Jason, what I really like about the villa lifestyle here, is that everything is taken care of. Right? So you don’t have to worry about mowing the grass. You don’t have to worry about maintenance. I love it so much that I actually live in a town home right on the Intracoastal Waterway about 18 miles south of here, folks. And I just like that everything is taken care of. I can focus on living my life. Not worried about doing all the maintenance and all the other things that you typically need to do with homeownership.

Jason Potter (03:24):

Yeah. And you hit the nail on the head, living your life. You know, when we work for a lot of our clients that are looking to relocate and call this place home, they’re coming here to live their life, to do things outdoors, to enjoy their lifestyle that the Grand Strand offers. And that’s why I wanted to showcase Edgewater at Barefoot. Barefoot Resort has wonderful housing opportunities, from your town homes, patio homes, all the way up to beautiful custom homes. But Edgewater allows you to lock it up, leave, come back, and it looks and feels the same.

Charlie Rymer (03:53):

And that’s what I really, really like. And let’s say if you live in an area where the drive is a little bit too much. You can fly here. And by the way, if you don’t know it, the Myrtle Beach Airport is spectacular. We’re non-stop to over 60 destinations right now. I think I’ve gone in and out of most all of them from Dallas, Chicago, Rochester. New York is easy to get into Myrtle Beach, only an hour and 10 minutes non-stop.

Charlie Rymer (04:21):

So you come here, and let’s say you’re like me and you like having a souped up golf cart with a really cool stereo in it. You keep that here at your villa or your town home and you just Uber here and you don’t need to have a rental car. You don’t need to keep a separate car here because at Barefoot you can easily get to the golf courses. You can get to Barefoot Landing, you got restaurants, you got entertainment. Heck, you can even get to the beach from here in your golf cart. That’s a lifestyle, whether it’s full-time, a month or two at a time, or just weekends. That’s a lifestyle that’s very appealing to a lot of people.

Jason Potter (04:54):

It really is. And that’s why this place is one of the top golf course residential communities that we wanted to highlight. And a lot of people here, golf cart at the beach, but where do I park it? Edgewater allows residents to be able to park their golf carts on property because you’re able to have the parking garage here. And not many condos or town home complex come with garages, let alone a parking garage that’s covered. So it’s just a really nice option. And again, this is a really spacious two bedroom villa. The three bedrooms are very nice in here as well. You have some that have waterway views, others, golf courses views. And speaking of the golf course, it’s a great [crosstalk 00:05:28] to have at Barefoot.

Charlie Rymer (05:29):

Well, it is world-class, Barefoot, the golf is. Everything else about it is too. Let’s go have a closer look at these golf courses.

Jason Potter (05:37):

I’m excited. Let’s go.

Charlie Rymer (05:37):

You got it.

Jason Potter (05:47):

Oh, so close, Charlie. I’m going to need some help out here.

Charlie Rymer (05:51):

Yeah, you need some help for sure.

Jason Potter (05:53):

Yeah. So we are out here at the Barefoot Resort Golf Practice facilities. This is beautiful out here, Charlie.

Charlie Rymer (06:00):

Yeah, it absolutely is beautiful. This is a big practice facility because it serves three of the four golf courses here. And there’s not many places on the planet that can go toe-to-toe with Barefoot Resort, having 72 holes. And if you look at the designers here, absolutely spectacular.

Charlie Rymer (06:16):

You got a Greg Norman designed golf course right behind us. It’s a little sharky, around the greens, the bunker in particular, it has some features that you see in the Sandbelt down in Australia in the Melbourne area. Just absolutely wonderful. Tom Fazio, his golf course here is absolutely beautiful, as you would expect from a Tom Fazio golf course.

Charlie Rymer (06:35):

And now the Davis Love Course, it’s probably the most fun of the four golf courses here. In fact, many years it’s voted by the locals as their favorite golf course in all of Myrtle Beach. It’s really, really a neat golf course.

Charlie Rymer (06:47):

The most difficult one, the Pete Dye course, it hosts every year, the Monday after the Masters Celebrity Pro-Am. That’s every year the largest single-day fundraiser in the state of South Carolina. My buddies in the band Hootie and the Blowfish have been putting it on for years. And I get a chance, I’ve gone to every one of them, except for two, since it started right at about 30 years ago. So it’s a great event at a great golf course. But it is the most difficult of the four golf courses, the Pete Dye is.

Jason Potter (07:14):

Yes, it is a great tournament. And when you tee it up in the Dye Course, it is a very intimidating golf course.

Charlie Rymer (07:20):

It is. And Pete Dye, there’s some secrets, like inside baseball stuff, when you play a Pete Dye golf course.

Jason Potter (07:26):

Tell me.

Charlie Rymer (07:27):

The first thing you got to realize when you play a Pete Dye golf course, is when you stand up on any tee box for the first time, there’s things out there that visually intimidate you. I mean, they’re really scary. But after you’ve played it a few times, you realize these fairways are a little wider than what I thought they were, there’s actually some room to play to out there. Because he wants his golf courses, when he did all these amazing design work throughout his career, he wants them to be strategic. And what that means is that if you hit it in one side of the fairway versus the other, you’re going to have a better angle. You’re going to have some sort of advantage. So remember that, if there’s a lot of trouble on one side of a Pete Dye fairway, challenge it, try and hit it close to the water, close to the bunker, close to the creek. You’re going to be rewarded with a second shot that’s a lot shorter and also a better angle.

Charlie Rymer (08:14):

And then the other thing I want to talk about with Pete Dye. On the greens, traditionally, people think, okay, I’m on a green, it’s tilted towards the lake, the ball’s going to break towards the lake.

Jason Potter (08:25):


Charlie Rymer (08:25):

Not with Pete Dye.

Jason Potter (08:27):


Charlie Rymer (08:27):

Yeah. A lot of times Pete Dye will take a green that’s right by a lake and he’ll tilt it away from the lake. Okay? Which is, it messes with your brain. But here’s what to look for. That water, instead of it going into the lake is going into a low lying area, and you’ll find some little catch basin. There’s generally a small little drain in the bottom of that catch basin, and the golf ball breaks the way the water drains. So if you find those little catch basins, treat them as golf ball magnets. And if you do that in particular at Pete Dye golf courses, you’ll read the greens a lot better.

Jason Potter (09:01):

Just love that tip, Charlie, I love listening to you talk about golf. There’s so much wisdom and knowledge there. I’m definitely going to apply that next time. And you know, you got a lot of great golf options and opportunities here at Barefoot Resort, similar to all of the opportunities and choices you have for residential housing. So there’s no secret why Barefoot is one of the top residential golf course communities here along the Grand Strand.

Charlie Rymer (09:23):

This is really going to make you mad.

Jason Potter (09:26):

That’s it. Get it in there.