Myrtle Beach Golf Ambassadors’ Picks for Best Greens on the Grand Strand

We asked, and they answered! Ambassadors Jimmy Biggs of Pine Lakes Country Club, Scott Thrailkill of Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort and Ryan Hart of Golf Tourism Solutions’ Events Division weighed in with their choices for the top putting surfaces in Myrtle Beach golf. Which ones do you think are the best?



Jimmy Biggs:
The question this week was what are the best greens on the Grand Strand? And what makes them stand out the most? I’d say hands down, that’s got to be The Dunes Golf & Beach Club. Every green out there has a unique personality to it, let’s say, multi-tiered greens. It’s very easy to make putts if you’re on the correct tier, but you do need to be pretty precise. It’s definitely a second-shot approach shot golf course. Hats off to the crew there. They always have really fast, really good rolling greens. And you’ll be very happy with them if you’re on the correct tier. Honorable mention would be also to Prestwick Country Club. Same thing. Multi-tiered greens, great green speeds, smooth, always a good test to golf.

Scott Thrailkill:
Well, I’ve played there many times. It’s a Nicklaus signature course, but it’s got to be the Long Bay Golf Club. Long Bay Golf Club has everything from your little kidney-size greens to large greens. Some are just almost rectangular, but the one thing you don’t miss out on when you’re there is plenty of undulation, you’re going to have everything from large slopes, be able to back the ball up off the slope, or the subtle breaks that are going to leave you scratching your head. So if you want to remember what greens you play and you want to remember the challenge that you’re going to have, head off to Long Bay Golf Club up in Longs, South Carolina.

Ryan Hart:
I am going to go with TPC Myrtle Beach. When people look at greens, the first thing everybody wants to look at is who’s got the greens that are in great shape, and TPC always seems to have that. But I like to look at more about the greens. When I’m playing them, I get out there, and I like greens to be a little bit challenging, as well. So when I get on TPC and I get out there and I hit some good shots, even when I hit them close I feel like there’s a challenge to the greens for me that is different from other courses. You get a lot of courses here where you’re hitting it and you get a lot of flat putts. TPC has all these little subtle breaks in there that sometimes you don’t see and stuff and it just makes it cool. And it makes you feel a lot better about making a putt, as well. So for me, the best greens in Myrtle Beach are at TPC Myrtle Beach.