Myrtle Beach Golf Course Ratings:  The Three Best Holes at World Tour Golf Links

December 17, 2013

– On the Championship 9, Plankers couldn’t pick a single hole, choosing instead the most popular series of holes at World Tour – Amen Corner. Holes four through six on the Championship 9 replicate 11-12-13 at Augusta National and people love it. The sixth hole duplicates the par 5 12th hole at Augusta, including “Rae’s Creek” cutting in front of the green, bringing the stretch to a stunning conclusion.

Playing holes that simulate the most popular stretch in golf is a highlight for everyone that plays World Tour on a Myrtle Beach golf trip.

– On the International 9, Plankers favors one of the most popular holes in Europe, the par 5, fourth hole at Valderrama Golf Club in Spain. The second hole on the International 9 duplicates the Valderrama classic and even includes the waterfall surrounding the green.

With ample length (520 yards) and a narrow, tiered green, it’s best to approach this beauty with caution.

“The smart money is to layup and hit a wedge shot in,” Plankers said. “If you can hit it that far you have a chance (to reach the green in two), but you have to hit a perfect shot.”

What is your favorite hole at World Tour? Is it one of your Myrtle Beach golf favorites?

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