Myrtle Beach Golf Hole of the Week: Farmstead’s Par 6 Finisher

July 24, 2017

The 18th at Farmstead is our Myrtle Beach golf hole of the weekFarmstead is the type of layout that has made Myrtle Beach America’s most popular golf destination, always over delivering on expectations. 

What helps Farmstead Golf Links standout is the consistency of the experience. The layout is very good, the conditions are always on-point, and golfers are guaranteed to remember the round (more on that in a second). That combination is hard to beat, especially on a course that delivers the type of financial value Farmstead does. 

Speaking of memorability, that leads us to our Myrtle Beach Golf Hole of the Week, an experience you will be telling your friends at home about.



No. 18 – Farmstead Golf Links
6 (No, that’s not a typo)
Yardage: 767 yards (black tees), 712 yards (blue tees), 679 yards (white tees), 664 yards (gold tees), 635 yards (red tees)
Handicap: 8

Farmstead is home to one of America’s few par 6s – the 767-yard 18th – and Golf Digest has ranked it among the “18 Most Fun Holes in America.

The 18th isn’t just a par 6. Golfers tee off in South Carolina and putt out in North Carolina (I told you the course straddled the border – literally), adding another point of distinction for the dogleg left.

Typically, we examine our Hole of the Week from the white or most commonly played set of tees, but in this case, everyone in your group should tackle this challenge from the back. It’s the last hole, so you won’t be holding up play, and how many chances do you get to conquer a hole that makes 700 yards sound short?!

Mercifully, the fairway is wide so you will have plenty of room to take a rip off the tee. Go driver, three-wood off the deck, and play up the right side of the fairway, eliminating the lake that creeps in on the left and the dogleg plays around. 

Avoid the water and the very real possibility of making your longest par ever awaits. 

Despite its length, the 18th is playable, which contributes to the fun. Farmstead is an enjoyable round of golf, highlighted by an unforgettable closing hole.