Myrtle Beach Golf Package Provider Spotlight: Meet Golf Desk’s Mark Stoneking

November 5, 2015

Your golf director is your lifeline to Myrtle Beach, the person who books your trip and keeps you apprised of the latest happenings in the area. This is the first in a series of Q&A’s that will allow you to meet the unheralded stars of countless Myrtle Beach golf trips. 


Mark Stoneking at Myrtle Beach Golf Desk is one of the area's best golf package providers

Mark Stoneking
Golf Director, Myrtle Beach Golf Desk


How long have you been a professional Golf Director?
17 years

How long have you been at Golf Desk?
12 years.

What is the largest group you have ever booked? 
320! Currently, the biggest group I work with is 160, and we split them out on two courses. 


Why should people book with Myrtle Beach Golf Desk?
I think it’s the simple emphasis on availability; the fact you can call us 6 days a week and can get a hold of us on Sundays. I know the guy on the other end of the line. I’m almost 20 years in business here, and Myrtle Beach Golf Desk is an objective source. I don’t own a course or hotel. My only objective is to provide what I think is best for your group based on the information you provided me. 


What is the biggest misconception people have about booking a golf trip?
The one question that needs to be cleared up is the one about having an odd number of golfers. People are so locked into foursomes; I have had people say, we’ve had one guy drop out so I’m going to have to drop a foursome! Just go with seven golfers, and the only adverse impact is you have one empty bed! 


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What do you enjoy most about your job? 
The part of the job I enjoy most is the ability to see a project from the inception of the idea of a trip or outing to the actual completion of that trip or outing. The result being receiving feedback from the guest of how wonderful the trip went and they can’t wait to come back!  Everyone loves the feeling of satisfaction and this job provides that.  


What’s the biggest mistake people who are familiar with the area make?
Visit The Golf Desk websiteThe biggest mistake people who know the area make is they refuse to accept change. What I mean by that is they say, ‘I played that course 15 years ago and it sucked or I was there and they treated me bad.’ I tell them the course has changed ownership and it’s a completely different situation, and they refuse to reconsider. People do same with restaurants and hotels, too. 


What is the strangest question you have ever had?
I had a guy ask if he could have pets. He informed me he had a goat that wore diapers, and he wanted to bring his goat. He brought the goat and ended up missing the last two days of his stay due to property management removing him from the unit.
But that goat did wear a diaper!


…perhaps a little more than we needed to know, Mark! ~