The Myrtle Beach March Championship Brings Unofficial Kickoff For Spring Season

The 2019 Myrtle Beach March Championship came to a close on Tuesday afternoon, but even though not all the golfers are leaving town with trophies, all 216 participating golfers are leaving with smiles on their faces because of the pristine conditions they saw in Myrtle Beach.

The three-round tournament features rounds at different area golf courses every day, but the real story of the week was the tremendous weather – every day saw pristine springtime conditions in the high 60’s to low 70’s

“The weather was great. You can’t beat it,” said flight winner and New York native Brian Jackson. “Coming from Long Island and having temperatures in the low 30’s to having temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s was phenomenal. You couldn’t ask for better weather!”

Known as the unofficial golf season kickoff event, the Myrtle Beach March Championship has become one of the most popular yearly events in the area, despite only being around for five years.

“I like it because I live in the north and you can’t play golf in the winter,” said Denny Burch. “This is the kickoff for golf season for me.”

The Myrtle Beach March Championship is one of the many professionally run golf events in Myrtle Beach by Golf Tourism Solutions. For more info on the March Championship, click here. For information on all Myrtle Beach golf events, click here. 

Registration for the Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship opens Wednesday, March 13. Click here to learn more about the world’s largest amateur golf tournament, held August 26-30.

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