Myrtle Beach Patriots 100-Hole Marathon at Long Bay Club in Myrtle Beach

Corey Bowers, head golf professional at Long Bay Golf Club near Myrtle Beach, S.C., offers perspective on what makes his course a special venue for hosting the 100-hole marathon with the Myrtle Beach Patriots on Sunday, Sept. 1, 2019. The event supports Folds of Honor as part of Patriot Golf Weekend celebrated nationwide.



Corey Bowers:
This is probably the most proud community I’ve been a part of when it comes to our veterans. Coming here 18 months ago, it really resonated with me and I’ve heard stories from the past of the retired military and how involved the community gets as far as painting the American flag across the fairway, setting up multiple stations throughout the golf course where, for the Veterans Classic, all the vets come around and every four holes, they’re greeted by 20-plus people just thanking them for their service. It’s a very emotional day. One day that I’m very proud to be the host golf course to, just simply because of this community and what they rallying around.

Bringing the 100-Hole Marathon to Long Bay is about bringing awareness to the event. It’s a good fundraiser for us. It’s a money-raising event that we’re trying to do for the children of the Folds of Honor and to support our veterans and our service members. But here at Long Bay, it’s a special place when it comes to our service members, and we can raise awareness and we can get our word out as Myrtle Beach Patriots further.

We’ve opened up the doors … not just to the community, but the members will be out riding the golf course and cheering us on and pushing us through that 50th, 75th and 90th hole until we get to 100 – from sunup to sundown, as it normally goes. And the support from them I know will be there.

I did not serve in the military, but most of my family did, and grandfathers and uncles and cousins, and this is my way to give back. And then when I stumbled upon this group, the Myrtle Beach Patriots, a few years back, I said, “I have to be a part of this.” It’s just a special event, a special group of individuals. And then once I was able to become a part of that group, I’ve found out there’s so much more when it comes to veterans and the golf professionals in Myrtle Beach.

And the Grand Strand is so supportive of our veterans and our service members. To be a part of a group like that is truly special, and it’s only growing. And that’s the exciting part, to see what we can do more and more and more each year to just support people who are out there sacrificing every day for us. This is our way as professionals and people in the golf industry to show our true love for what they’re doing out there every day.

We want the community to know – not just the community, but the surrounding area, the public around Myrtle Beach, that they can come out and be a part of it. So, swing by Long Bay on September 1st and watch what we’re doing to help support our service members and become a part of Folds of Honor and Myrtle Beach Patriots with us!

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