Wild Wing
Wild Wing

No Laying Up: Take a Chance on Wild Wing Avocet’s 14th Hole

The 14th hole at Wild Wing Avocet is a short par 4A player-friendly track, Avocet has three sets of tees between 5,870 and 6,658 yards. The course features plenty of room off the tee, great variety among its par 3s, a double green, and one of our favorite architectural features there: a drivable par 4.

Avocet is an ideal course for your next golf package, and if you have ever played it (or plan to do so in the future), our Myrtle Beach Golf Hole of the Week is one you will certainly remember.



No. 14 – Wild Wing Avocet
Yardage: 308 yards (black tees), 283 (blue), 265 (white), 241 (yellow), 221 (red)
Handicap: 18

Let’s get this out the way early: No. 14 might be the easiest hole on the course, according to the USGA, but it’s not without potential trouble. There is water along the right side and the green is flanked by six bunkers. Did I mention the three-tiered putting surface is among the course’s most vexing?

That being said, a lot of layouts have “short” par 4s, but not many are actually drivable. At 265 yards, Avocet’s 14th hole requires a mighty poke (at least for the average player) but the opportunity does exist.

Playing conservatively, golfers should be able to navigate the hole with an iron off the tee and an easy wedge into the green. But most of us don’t take a vacation to play it safe. Memories make a trip, and the 14th provides a golden opportunity.

If you think there is a prayer of driving the green (or even getting close), pull out the driver and take a crack.