Paige Spiranac and Charlie Rymer Play World Tour Golf Links

Our Myrtle Beach golf ambassadors tell us what they like about the concept behind World Tour Golf Links, whose 18 holes pay tribute to famous golf holes from around the globe, and take us on a playing tour of their most recent experience there.



Paige: Hi everyone it’s Paige and I’m with-

Charlie: Charlie! (pointing, laughing)

Paige: Yes.

Charlie: Charlie Rymer. And I’m happy to be here.

Paige: Where are we today?

Charlie: We are at World Tour Golf Links and I’ve got good news for you, folks. This is a really cool place, because if you think about the greatest golf holes in the world, honestly you’re not going to get a chance to play on them unless you (went) to a place like this that has 18 replica holes. Some of the best roles on the planet are right here on this golf course. And you can get out and play them. And that’s what Paige and I are going to do today!