Paige Spiranac at Classic Swing Golf School: Working on Weight Shift

In her recent visit to Classic Swing Golf School, Myrtle Beach golf ambassador Paige Spiranac went through the paces with Classic Swing’s Ted Frick to see how they use circuit training to refine skills like proper weight shift in the golf swing.


Ted Frick: All right. So we’re going to work around again. We’re circuit training just like those individuals that go to the gym of all ages and stages. One of the stations that we use is for weight shift. All right. At address, you’re going to set up left side heavy.

Paige Spiranac: Okay.

Ted:  As you move the golf club back I want you to move into the right side. Then, the Classic Impact Bag. If you wanted to, you can go ahead and take it up a little bit higher. But as you bring that golf club down, there’s a little draw in here to bring it down more along the red arc. I want you to go ahead and get into your left side and rotate your hips.

Paige: Got it.

Ted: I really like this because I have a very active lower body and I think that really helps me. A lot of people don’t use their legs correctly. Like what you were saying, you always see people coming back this way and staying on their back foot. They don’t know how to work the transfer. I love this. I’ve never seen this before where you can actually feel it. Because I think it’s difficult when you’re going through a lesson and the coach is just like, “Make this correction.” You’re like, “I don’t feel it. I can’t see it. I’ve never done this before. I don’t understand it.” So to have all the training aids, and it’s not only visual, but you can feel it as well, is great. I really love it.